Though many people often look only at the glittering, large cities in Mexico when planning a vacation, there are also many small villages that are waiting to be explored by those that are interested in learning of the history of the country of Mexico and that wish to get away from the city. One of these villages is the small town of Zihuatanejo. Though it is located just 6 kilometers away from the large and bustling city of Ixtapa, this small jewel situated on the Mexican coast is indeed a wonderful place to visit.

Many of us have heard of the incredible natural beauty of the area surrounding Ixtapa. That same natural beauty surrounds the town of Zihuatanejo. Although this small town has been developed slightly, it still retains that small town flavor that sets it apart from other destinations in Mexico.

Even before Zihuatanejo established itself as a fishing village, it was a haven for the Spanish fleet, privateers and even pirates! From the late 1800’s throughout the years until the 1970’s, Zihuatanejo stayed a small, sleepy fishing village. But after the Mexican government began its development of Ixtapa, Cancun and several other large cities, Zihuatanejo’s proximity to Ixtapa brought more traffic through this small place. Because of the increased traffic through the town, about 1,000 hotel rooms are now available for those that are looking for accommodations in the town.

Zihuatenejo also possesses a historic downtown area that, at one time, was marked only by three distinct features: the pier, the basketball court and an open-air theatre.

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