A Miserable Revolution Day

November 20th is a holiday in Mexico similar to July 4th. in the U.S. It actually celebrates a 10 year revolution that started in 1910. We are told that there are many parades and celebrations all over the country on this date. We didn't see any because we spent the day sick in bed.

Resaurant in DurangoOn Sunday we went to a restaurant with our friends and something in the food didn't quite agree with our stomachs. Monday was pretty miserable. Our friends were just fine, so it must have been something in the food that we aren't used to up North. We have a friend who came to the U.S. from Colima and he got sick on the U.S. food.

Anyway, here is a photo of a restaurant I would suggest avoiding if you happen to be visiting Durango Mexico. If you are use to Mexican food, it is probably fine, but for gringos you may want to look for a different place to eat.

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