Attempting to Look at Another House

We tried to look at another house tonight. We were supposed to meet the owner at 5pm. Around 5:30 we called to find out where she was and were told she was “on her way”. We stayed around until about 6:15 and tried to call again, but her phone must have been off the hook. Oh well we’ll try again later.

In my U.S. mindset I would think if you have a house for rent, you’d be there before prospective renters in order to make sure everything is ready for them and to try to make it impressive.

We did get a chance to meet the neighbor who it turns out is a friend of the friends we are staying with. She is married to a man from the U.S. so the entire family speaks English. She told us it was a nice house but that the last renter had been paying $3000 pesos per month. The owner had quoted us $4500 per month. The neighbor said we should be able to get her down to $3000. So that was some useful information.

The house is just down the block from the large yellow house that we liked, but that seemed a little bigger than what we need. Unfortunately this house is closer to the main road and after standing there for awhile the I really started noticing the car emissions.

It would be nice if we could find a place that was furnished. The cost of getting a refrigerator, washer, furniture, etc. is really going to add up. So far I haven’t heard of anything like that being available.

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