Entertainment for the Neighbor Kids

Every day around 2pm, the neighbor kids get home. They entertain themselves by kicking boxes right outside our window. This seems to keep them busy for several hours at a time. At first I thought they were beating on my car. I was happy to know that it was a box that belonged to someone else.

I went out and met them yesterday. The older ones spoke and understood English. The younger ones spoke English, but didn’t understand me. I would ask them a question, one of the older ones would translate it into Spanish, and they would answer in English. Must be my crazy Kansas accent. More likely it is the crazy accent of their foreign teacher who is trying to teach them English from who knows where.

School runs from 8 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday. They said there are some schools where the kids go in the evenings. I didn’t understand if the schools started later or if they just ran longer. We’ve seen some of these when we’ve been out walking in the evening.

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