The Locksmith

House for RentWe went and looked at a house in a neighborhood that we really like. It was ok, but there was a a strong sewage smell in the yard and you could really smell the car exhaust from the nearby large street. We could probably fix the sewage smell with some work, but not the car exhaust.

We drove over to see the house with our friends and as we walked back over to their car we realized the the keys were locked inside. Their spare keys were locked in the trunk so we were stuck. They found a "locksmith" who drove over on his motorcycle and took out a toolkit and started sticking various objects into the lock. I tried to get a picture of him working, but he had the door open in about 30 seconds.

As we got into the car I asked our friend how the locksmith knew it was our car and that we weren't breaking into someone else's vehicle. He said he didn't and that they just "trust" the person who is paying them. Our car uses a different type of lock, so I doubt someone would be able to open it short of breaking a window. Of course breaking the window will pretty much get you into any vehicle and it tends to attract a lot of attention.

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