Looked at an Apartment

ApartmentYesterday the realtor called and said she had found us an apartment close to our friends. We went with her to see it. It was nice 3 bedroom 1.5 bath and only for $3000 pesos a month. It seemed fairly new. The rooms were small so it would not take long to clean. There was a little patio area for us to put the washer and cloths line. There was no accessible grass that we could see. The view out the upstairs windows had a grassy area with some trees. That is very good for the soul when grass is such a rarity but it also reminded me of the saying "water water everywhere but not a drop to drink." Grass grass that I can see but no place for my dog to go potty. The apartment had a non-covered gated parking area. The street it was on did have some abandoned houses. Because it is downtown there would probably be scorpion around. It is still an option but we want to see more. We still have yet to see the one where the lady did not show up. It does have a little yard with grass.

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