More House Hunting

Mark wrote about the yellow house by Sam's Club. It is my favorite so I wanted to add a little about it.

It is very clean. The walls and floors are all white so that makes it look even more clean. It is the first house with a dishwasher, a pea green one as a matter of fact. I guess that dates it around 30 years old. So maybe it does not work. The master bedroom in this house has its own pink bathroom, Mark did not like it but it reminded me of my best childhood friend's bathroom. It had a lot of pink in it. This house is probably more than we need but it is very nice and if we could get it for cheaper it would be really really nice.

There are two more houses in the same neighborhood neither are not listed with a realtor. We looked at one of them yesterday. It was very nice. It had four bedrooms. The master bedroom even had a jacuzzi in the bathroom. It had two water heaters and a hook up for a dryer. All three of those things seem to be rare. It also had grass in the back yard. Grass itself has to be worth $200 in rent. There were also two apartments in the back yard and an outdoor kitchen. A lot of house for $850 a month. Tonight we go and see the other house. It is much smaller 3 bedrooms and 1 bath for around $425 a month. It may be the perfect one, if we can get the price down and sneak in another bathroom. I would like to have at least two bathrooms for when the baby comes and all our family is here.

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