Traveling by Bus To Mexico City

We are in a chartered bus traveling to Mexico City today. We left at about 11pm yesterday and drove through the night. The bus is nice, but it still isn’t a great place to try to sleep. They show movies, but best I can tell they were obtained by setting up a camcorder in a theater and recording the movie.

The group we are traveling with is from the church in Durango. They are going down to a conference. We are going to checkout Mexico City and watch our friend’s little girl during the conference.

In Mexico, Mexico City is refered to as just Mexico. This caused me a minor bit of confusion when people kept saying they were going to go to Mexico.

We’ve been told that the taxis aren’t safe to take alone in Mexico City—at least for us gringos. Evidently they have a few abductions each day from taxi cab drivers. It sounds like kidnapping people from the US and holding them for ransom happens occasionally and it is worth being careful.

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