Change of Plans

We had a change of plans. Instead of going back to Mexico to have our baby, we decided to stay in the US. We really liked the doctor down in Mexico, but our Spanish didn’t improve as rapidly as we had hoped. With the doctor, this wasn’t a problem because he spoke enough English that we could communicate. The nurses were quite a bit more difficult for us to communicate with.

Trying to set up an appointment was a very big challenge. We knew what to say, but once they strayed from the script we had mentally prepared, we were lost. To top it off, Haley isn’t a name many people in Mexico have ever heard so it was pretty difficult just to get them to understand that Haley was a name.

Also, our friends who graciously helped us with our many language problems were going to be gone around the time we were expecting the baby to be born. All in all, we were just a lot more comfortable with having the baby in the US.

Anyway, we’ll be staying in Kansas for at least the next six months. We were able to find a nice little apartment without any scorpions.

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