Speedbump Fields

In Mexico they put in speedbumps the way other countries put in mine fields. Instead of just a bump or two, you'll find yourself driving through a whole field of speedbumps. Sometimes 50 to 75 at a time. In Michigan speedbumps are kind of rare. This is probably because they don't get along well with snow plows, but of course that isn't an issue here in Mexico.

The speedbump fields we've seen are large enough that they would probably disabled a vehicle if hit at high speed. I guess that is the idea. You have to slow down or else. In some places they space the speedbumps far apart and then closer and closer together as you get to the place where they want you to slow down. It is very effective in getting people to slow down.

Some of the speedbumps we've seen are more of speed ramps. They are big and steep enough that if you hit them going fast, you'll probably go airborne. Fortunately we haven't hit any of these going fast enough to catch air, but we have had some roller coaster rides over the tops of them.

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