Window Washers

In Durango there are people at the stop lights that try to wash your windows for you. Since we look like gringos they tend to single us our to wash our car windows. Telling then “no” doesn’t seem to work. Usually they try to squirt soapy water from about 20 feet away. That by the time you realize what is going on you don’t want to tell them to stop because your window is all soapy. Generally you give them about a peso, so it isn’t very expensive, but there are only so many times you can have your window washed each day.

We went and looked at two houses that were for sale downtown. They were nice but a bit pricey for what we would want to pay. They were both in the 700,000 peso range. They were both in a gated area with a little guard shack, that didn’t look like it had been used for quite a while. We might be able to rent one of them if we wanted, but I’m not sure if we would want to buy all the furniture necessary to furnish it because both were pretty big.

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