Failed Attempt to Schedule an Appointment

Today I decided I would try to be more independent. I called a lady who will teach us Spanish and set up an appointment for our first lesson. Feeling quite confident (ignoring the fact the teacher spoke English), I decided I should try to call an schedule my next visit to my doctor. I made sure I knew what I wanted to say "Necessito una cita con Dr. (his name) por Lunez." I think she understood I wanted an appointment for Monday with the doctor. She asked me what type of an appointment. I told her 23 weeks obstetrical in Spanish, I think. She asked my name. I spelled it using my Spanish for Dummies guide for letter pronunciation. She got the last name but never got the first name so I just acted like she did and figured my last name was good enough. She asked me when and I told her after 4pm.

Then she asked me some questions I did not understand. She eventually said wait (esperar), something about 15 minutes (quince minutos) a bunch of other words and then there was click. I never got an appointment time. I think I frustrated her pretty bad. So the moral of this story is just because you know what you want to say does not mean you will understand the answer or be able to respond when someone speaks back. This is an every day occurrence but I was hoping I could get an appointment. I will have to have my friend call to see what a mess I made and try to straighten it out.

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